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The BDC Promotions and Redemption Network


In the retail sector, attention regarding RFID has been placed on two main areas: Supply Chain, involving mandates from Wal-Mart and others, and Store-of-the-Future initiatives involving European retailers such as Metro. BDC believes there is a major opportunity to pioneer RFID-enabled applications around the promotion and coupon redemption aspects of the retail industry.

BDC has developed a model for a Promotions and Redemption Network will provide a set of Internet- and Location-based services that help local businesses become more connected with their consumers and more efficient with their product promotions and redemption of coupons. In other words: it will help local businesses sell more stuff!

There are many implications for how this technology, related to loyalty cards, electronic paper, and many future technology capabilities. BDC believes we have a model which allows us to pilot this technology now and learn the lessons in the exciting area today.

Download the white paper on the BDC Promotions and Redemption Network (PDF format).