Bonsai Development Corporation

Bonsai Development Corporation

powering trade finance information networks

Our Vision

BDC believes that within the next 3-5 years, globalization pressures will drive companies to automate their Supply Chain Finance functions just as they have implemented ERP, MRP, CRM and other systems over the past two decades. In parallel with this trend, new tracking technologies such as RFID will enter the mainstream and enable a new generation of non-repudiated events in the supply chain hitherto impossible to record.

This will mean that Trade Finance will be transformed from being the under-served end of the manufacturing process to a rich source of new and innovative financial services. These new services will save money for buyers and suppliers and shift the balance of power within the financial services community from traditional LOC providers to those bold enough to use technology to exploit transaction-level trade information on a massive scale.

BDC expects to be at the forefront of this change. Our business model is to align with business partners and support them as the industry is transformed: in doing so, we will enable securitized trade transactions as well as the primary and derivative financial products that go with them.

  • Primary financial products will include the progressive payment patterns enabled by business documents and events: for example, an order may be 25% financed on order acknowledgement, and 40% financed upon RFID-generated inspection as product leaves the factory, with the remainder payable on receipt of goods.
  • Derivative financial products will herald a new era of trading risk management. For example, where a bundle of trade transactions is reliably tracked and physical existence of products can be visible in a non-repudiated information network, then financiers will develop options and futures contracts for successful supply of these products. Such contracts will develop to satify a growing need for risk mitigation and management in an under-served sector.

The principles of our architecture and application development are simple:

  • Provide software that can be offered as a service for rapid rollout and upgrade in a fast-moving market
  • Provide a solid basis to support traditional transactions while remaining flexible to handle new innovations
  • Provide an event-driven platform to incorporate business events as well as business documents
  • Provide and SOA framework for rapid integration and loose coupling of processes where required